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If you don't follow me on Instagram then you don't know that I'm fitness Fanatic. I love all forms, But my favorite right now is lifting, yoga, acro-yoga and crossfit. 

These forms of fitness give me the most challenges lately. After completing one stage, I still feel there's more, or some way to better it. This way I never get bored as well. I wasn't always a fitness freak, I liked working out, but never this intense. Then I married my hubby. Who's always been super intense, always trying something different, changing the way he's working out. . .even eating habits. I use to tell him, "I'll workout in my own way, can't tell me S#@%!". But I wasn't getting the results I want. So I finally sucked it up and asked a boat load of questions. Enough to get on his nerves. But I'm getting better in my lifting and getting the result I want. 6 months later I'm getting there and I love the way its turning out.

I also started Yoga, with the help of my workout buddy Racheal. I think it took the right teacher as well. I've walked in many classes and felt like, "ahh, that was OK!" Mz. Jazz sure showed me a thing or two. I love the fact Jazz (and my hubby as well), that there's things to think about. Aligning your body right, proper technique, and baby steps to get to the big picture. Something, a goal to always reach for.  Now that I've started Acro-Yoga I just cant get enough.

UPDATE: Its been 2 years since I started this fitness journey and it feels amazing. Not only am I stronger then what I'd thought Id be. I'm surrounded by great athletes and coaches showing me the way. Yoga I still love but not with the help of awesome yoga teacher, well save that story for another day. But in search of one to guide me in the right path. As for now, I love what i'm doing and feeling amazing for being in my early 30's. 

 Well I think I will stop blabbing now, this page will be my progress, current and old routines I've used. My yoga progress, plus tips I've learn from others. So if you have any questions, don't be afraid to email, comment below or FB me. I'll answer or guide you in the right direction. . . . .Happy Blogging

Current Routine:  1 Hr CrossFit @ Crossfit Solano(4-5x/week), Beginner Catalyst Athletics (5x/week)

On Routine: Crossfit (strength & conditoning, barbell on Sat) Oly Lifts (Clean & Jerks, Snatch, Squats)
Focus: Being a better me & athlete

Other Forms of Exercise: Yoga 2x a week, via class or . . .also practice daily(3-4x) at home. Acro-Yoga depends when there's a class and when I and my partner have time.

Old Routines:
Whole Body Conditioning

5 Full-Time Fat-Blasting Workouts

CrossFit Wod's:

Yoga Tips:

Favorite Fitness/Yogi's on Instagram/Net: