2 Ways to Peel and De-seed a Pomegranate

November 25, 2013

There are so many ways that people go about getting the seeds out of a pomegranate. To me it depends on the pomegranate. I have been peeling them since i was a child so it comes natural and naturally I've gotten pretty fast at it. So here are the two methods i use depending on pomegranate.

2 Ways to Peel and Deseed a Pomegranate

Method # 1

My favorite because depending on the pomegranate this way keeps the seeds in tack. Yes its a little time consuming but once you get the hang of it. It should take you no more than 15 minutes, this is the proper "PEEL & DESEED METHOD."


Plate or Plastic Cutting Board
Sharp Pairing Knife
Large Bowl(filled with cold water)


First cut the bottom off, it should sit flat then. With a sharp knife cut in a circle, at a angle, into the top(looks like a crown) in a complete circle, cutting it out. 

Now if you gently rub against the side of pomegranate you should feel soft ridges. That's where gently cut against that ridge from top to bottom. Basically scoring it, you should have anywhere from 4-6 slits.(be careful not to cut to deep as you can risk cutting seeds).

Over bowl of water. Gently use your fingers to pry open the pomegranate in sections, exposing the seeds. This should be easy.

Working over bowl, use fingers to gently pry seeds from membrane. Working until their completely all out. 

Be careful to discard any bad seeds.

  If you drop any skin from membrane while peeling, it will float to the top(hence the reason for the water). When your done peeling you can simply skim membrane/skin off the top.

Strain put in a bowl and Enjoy.

Method # 2 

If your in a hurry works some of the time. Its my least favorite, I feel you can ruin the seeds. Especially if its a plump, juicy pomegranate, than you'll ruin it. Just end up with busted seeds and juice. But never the less thought I'd share. This method is what many refer to as the "SPANK METHOD."


Sharp Paring Knife
Wooden Spoon


Gently cut the bottom off, it should sit flat then. Gently score around the middle.

Carefully pry open and gently stretch it out by pulling on edges.

Turn over where seeds are facing bowl and gently spank. The seeds should pop right out. Sometimes they take a their little time but they should all come out. Repeat with other side.

Rinse and Enjoy. 

I would not recommend this method for juicy pomegranates as you will end up with one crazy mess. But I always encourage you to try both and figure out what works for you.


 If storing put in airtight container(preferably glass jars) for up to 7-9 days in refrigerator.

If using wooden cutting board(which I don't recommend) use lemon juice to remove stain.

To make Juice:
   Pulsate in blender, working a little at a time until seeds are broken up and strain threw fine mesh sieve. Add sugar if you like, 2-3 large pomegranates will give you about 1 cup of juice.

NOTE: that pomegranates are very acidic and will react with metals such as aluminum or carbon steel.

To Freeze:
  Lay flat on sheet pan on freezer or parchment paper for 1 hour then put in freezer bag. This way they still hold their shape and good for many other things.

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