Bendable Elf on the Shelf & Grippy Too

November 25, 2013

This is our second year with the infamous elf on the shelf, ours is named Honey-Cotton. Last year I noticed it was hard to put here in certain positions. So this is me making her bendable and grippy. . . .with little feet too.

Making your Elf on the Shelf Bendable & Grippy Too


Red & White Thread
Wire Cutter
16 Gauge wire(I had leftover floral wire)
Optional: Hot Glue


Lets start with the hands, rip seams at the end of hands. Stick wire in and cut leaving room to make a circle. Sew hands closed.

For legs I did something different, cut the seam near butt. Took one piece of floral wire bent in horse shoe shape and pushed threw legs. Cut wire ends enough to make a circle. Sew butt closed. 

Next to make feet. I pinned right above circle, sewed across then sewed close in a rectangle shape. She has feet now.

For velcro, measured the size of her hands and sewed on. Your welcome to hot glue as well. And your elf is done.

Clap. . . . . .Happy Holidays

Coming Soon Wardrobe Ideas For our elf, jumpers, dresses, shoes and mittens. Look out for my post.

Bendable/Grippy Elf on the Shelf by NikkieDidIt

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