Cellophane Fairy Wings

October 21, 2013

This was my biggest issue of what would be the best idea for her wings. She asked me for fairy wings, so there's my challenge. I know shes going to continue to play with them after Halloween and shes a tot. So whats the best idea to hold up to a 3 year old and the wind outside. I also wanted pretty wings not your traditional wings made from tights. These tutorials are my inspiration Here and Here.

Cellophane Fairy Wings


wire cutters
plyers (preferably some with a tapered edge for shaping wire)

2 wire hangers (one per wing segment, so a minimum of 2)
floral wire (I prefer the straight stems)
floral tape or complementary electrical tape
cellophane (I used a pink)
spray adhesive

Iron & ironing board
old towel or sheet
craft knife & self-healing mat (optional, but helpful-i used scissors)
cigarette lighter

Modge Podge


I'm sometimes a visual person. So I used art paper to draw a map of what i wanted the wings to look like. Just a precaution for me so my wings would look even. But you don't have too. Straighten your wire hangers. Once straight, bend to the shape of the top of the wing. Use floral wire to shape the interior of the wings. Use floral tape or electrical tape to stick ends together. Optional: to me because I didn't wrap entire wing. Use tape to wrap entire wing, so its one color. Gives great effect but time consuming. Repeat instructions for wing two.

Cut out 2 pieces of cellophane to size wings, so 2 wings, four pieces. Spray a thin layer of adhesive on bottom piece of cellophane, carefully place wing frame on cellophane and carefully place second piece of cellophane on top.(be sure its placed and positioned carefully, sticky cellophane isnt nice and once its stuck, its STUCK.

 Heat iron on low-med heat, place sheet over wing. Now take your time, to fuse cellophane to wire. Use steam to gently help. Take your time, you don't want to start all over. Flip and repeat.

Once done, trim away excess cellophane. Use lighter to seal ends and create holes to give your wings the effect there old or very cool looking. Be careful and take your time. Cellophane burns very quickly.

Last step, 2 light layers on modge podge on front of wings and 3 light layers on the back. Letting dry 15 minutes between coats. You can add glitter if you like and your wings are done.

 I used This tutorial for adding the straps. I covered elastic straps with green satin I had, I also use flowers in between wings for added wow factor. If you like two colors on your wings simply do one color in small area then second over top to shine thru. I had fun making these and they turned out better than I thought. Plus the midget loves them, ENjoy

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