My Version of Candy Corn Bag

October 20, 2013

Well I watched my tot wrestle with holding her tiny pumpkin bag for trick or treating and knew something had to be done. I found this awesome tutorial from No Big Dill . . .the tutorial is posted on Lemon Squeezy Home. My tot who is very outspoken said she didn't want it yellow, orange and white, so i took her to the store and this is what I came up with. I must say I love It.

Candy Corn Shaped Trick or Treat Bag

Supplies Needed:

1 yard fleece or thick felt(I used black)
1/4 yard each of 2
1 yard 1" belting(couldn't find plastic belting so I used belting found at walmart or craft store
Freezer paper or large piece of paper for template
Ribbon or extra fabric to make straps


To cut a rounded triangle with right dimensions, you to measure your child. I measure from under one of her armpits to middle of her chest(10" for my kid) and that's how I got top width(16"). I measured a inch above belly button down to knees. That's how I got the length. Now make your pattern, should look something like this one below,

Next, cut your pattern piece down the center except for 1/2", pivot open 4" at the top, taping another piece of paper in the center portion. Even top out, cut one piece out of fleece.

Divide your triangle into 3 sections, 3" for top and split evenly for last two layers. Add a 1/2" seam allowance on the inside seams of each piece (so you will only add one seam allowance on the middle and top piece of your triangle.) Cut one each of your 2 cotton and 1 of fleece. Sew together with 1/2", press seams toward fleece section. If you want to embroider childs name on bag do it now using top fleece/cotton layer as a guide. ( made my midgets name a little too big but still works)
Stack your pieces with the small fleece on top, cotton layer facing small fleece, and the large fleece on the bottom. Your pieces will only line up on one side. Sew down just this side. Once you reach the bottom, pivot your fabric so the other side lines up and finish sewing other side.

 Cut one piece of belting, long enough to overlap the ends by 1" to go around the entire perimeter of the top of the bag, placing 1 1/4" below the edge. Fold down top of bag and stitch around entire perimeter.

Attach a wide ribbon or make your own strap, sewing a square on each end.

My midget did fill this bag a few times due to all the activities in our city. But she loves it, didn't have to lift her bag and it has now become a grocery bag when she plays with her play kitchen, around the house. So win, win. I've learned what not to do next time around, but I am still learning and think I did a awesome job.

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