Homemade Fabric Weights

October 8, 2013

Needed something cool, easy and simple to hold fabric down on my new sewing journey. I also had to use what was already in the house. Saw these somewhere on the net and thought I could do these.

Fabrics Weights w/ Finger Holds


Scrap Fabric Pieces
1/2" Ribbon or make your Own(I did)
Filler-Rice, beans, etc
Sewing machine or can be Hand Sewn


Cut 2 x 2 inch squares and  2" ribbon pieces, as many as you like(2 per weight). If your making ribbon just cut a one inch strip, fold right sides together and sew down. turn inside out and press. Presto!!!! easy ribbon.

Take two squares right side of fabric facing each other with ribbon in the middle. Sew around leaving a 1/2 inch gap. Once your done sewing all, trim the edges, turn inside out. 

Fill with filler, i used rice and beans(its what I had). Sew hole closed, and there you have quick easy fabric weights.

Me Using Them :)

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