Pumpkin Princess Tutu Costume With Wings

October 15, 2013

Well I got started late on my daughters costume but i think it turned out great. For a 3 year old she had a pretty clear vision of what she wanted to be this halloween, a tutu pumpkin with wings she said. I say to myself i think i can pull this off. This tutorial is my inspirations. So here we go.

Pumpkin Princess Tutu Costume w/Wings


Orange Rolled Tulle about 150 yards/6 inch(this will depend on height and size of your child of course)
Sparkle Tulle 1 yard(this was by the bolt at Joanns)
Elastic(I used 1")
Non-Scented hairspray(have it at the dollar store)
Black Felt I used one 12x12(Walmart)


Green Satin fabric or Green ribbon
Sewing machine but can be done by hand


Measure around your child's chest. Cut elastic the exact measurement( i say cut exact measurement because once you add tulle it will stretch elastic a bit). Sew together, then I like to zigzag the stitches down to keep it flat.

For Glitter Tulle, Pick a place you can hang tulle like garage or bathroom. Spray with 4-5 light layers of hairspray and let sit over night or at least a few hours before use. This will stop the glittter from being all over your house. Next measure your from your child's chest to the floor. Cut double that length of rolled tulle. I had 2 100 yard so i completely cut one roll and half of the other roll and had enough. Cut glittter tulle same length. Now for tutu, these are my favorite instructions if you need a visual, Here and Here.

 I used 3 strips at a time, gather tulle at the middle, do a slip knot, tighten. Continue till your finished and elastic is completely covered. The glitter tulle is for a little pop of fun, so i evenly place it around the tutu making sure it stuck out on top of regular tulle. Next try it on your child.

 I had to cut around to make even and so she could walk. I also layered it, so she would look like fluffy pumpkin. 

Now for top of my tutu i used green satin that was on sale, and sewed it to the top, i left some on the inside so she wouldn't irritate her skin when she had no shirt on. I also added loops and straps so it would stay up. This can be achieved with ribbon as well so you don't have to sew, Here is a tutorial.

For the Face, i let here pick her favorite face stencil from the internet and printed out. Used it for a stencil, but you can free hand if you like. Cut out face with black felt.  Make sure tutu is fluffed and spread out so face wont wrinkle when she moves. Pin face to a few layers of tutu and sew with black thread. I used orange thread to outline face to make it pop somemore. And your tutu is done.

I have leaves I made which were added, hand pieces and also a matching headband.

She turned out Perfect

Posing with daddy and having a treat on base.

For Fairy Wings Click Here
For Leaves Click Here

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