Turkey Toilet Paper Roll

November 21, 2013

My little Leila has been sick and has been driving me nuts, so in the spirit of thanksgiving. Thought a turkey craft would be fun today, its windy outside and were all in our pjs. Im always saving the toilet paper rolls, they always come in handy for a easy craft moment. So here we go.

Turkey Toilet Paper Roll


*Toilet paper roll
*Craft paper(black-orange, white, yellow{optional red})
*Glue stick or elmers glue
*Pdf-Turkey Toilet Paper Craft for pieces to cut


First cut out the pieces needed from pdf download

My Awesome Hubby helping out the midget, daddy-daughter-teamwork

Start with wrapping toilet paper with brown piece of paper. Add the feet

Now lets make the face and hat. Starting with face, glue snood and beak to head. Then eyes of course, for hat add yellow belt and black buckle. Glue hat to head.

For turkey feathers(5-9), I did 7 but if you want 9 that's fine as well. Start with one directly in the middle and work your way out on each side. Once feathers all done add head and your done. Fun for hours my little one. 

She did less feather than me, but she loves her turkey buddy's. . . .as she says Gobble Gobble

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