Healthy Breakfast Pizza

November 23, 2013

Shaneka has started making it a habit to ask me for content to add to "our" blog, so here's my very first posting. Love you wife!

When it comes to fitness and the like, I'm all about it. I've wholeheartedly adopted the mantra "Everyday is Training Day." Normally my weekends are active rest days consisting of either some type of steady-state cardio like running or rowing, or I'll choose a Crossfit workout of the day and blast through that if I'm feeling motivated. Today was the latter. After beasting it in the gym all week, you've got to refuel yourself for the week ahead with good, quality, healthy meal. Living with a trained chef is great, you should try it, but there are often times when I wish I could be as creative as Shaneka and think up and/or try some of the things I read on the interwebs; this is my attempt at doing just that.  Most of the time eggs and oatmeal top my list for breakfast, but today motivated me enough to put together something different... Breakfast Pizza. You read that right, pizza for breakfast.

Already having the ingredients in the fridge helped out, but you can always substitute in whatever veggies, cheese, spices, or pizza sauce you like. In addition, you could make this in a bigger version to feed a larger family if you're cooking for a few more; just use a 12" whole wheat pizza crust like Boboli. 

Breakfast Pizza


  • Papa Pita flatbread, 
  • Trader's Joe's Fat Free Pizza Sauce, 
  • 2% Shredded Fiesta Blend cheese, 
  • 1/3 red bell pepper, 
  • 3 eggs, 
  •  seasoning

How to make it!

First things first, get the oven started and preheat to 400 degrees. That should be enough to just melt the cheese and warm the flatbread. Everything is already cooked so we don't need to get crazy here. Next, I diced up some red bell pepper and got that sauteing while I beat the 3 eggs with some of the seasoning. When the peppers were ready, I added the egg mixture into the pan and scrambled everything together. I didn't fully cook the eggs, I left them a little "wet", as Shaneka says, then added a little black pepper. I put that pan off to the side as I built the base of the pizza.

I didn't want to break out a giant pizza pan for a small pita flatbread, so I used a non-stick skillet instead. Place the pita in the pan and cover with about 2 tbls. of the pizza sauce.

Top with 1/3 cup of the shredded cheese.

Then spoon out the veggie and egg mixture over the top. I baked this for only 3 minutes to melt the cheese and finish the eggs and the pizza was done! Because I like a little spice, I added a couple of lines of Sriracha over the top and made sure to take some pics for the blog.

Here's the money shot of the finished product! 

**Feel free to use egg whites instead of whole eggs if you're watching your fat intake, or add some green spinach, onion, and tomato if you like lots of veggies. In the opposite way, you could include bacon and/or sausage and turn this into a cheat meal. It took less than 15 minutes start to finish and it's really easy to make this simple breakfast your own with only a few tweaks.**

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