Updated Blog. . . .Yay

December 13, 2013

As you can see readers, thanks to my lovely friend Megs I have an updated new blog. Its good to have awesome friends all over the world. Thank you military life. Big thank you Meg, you've always been a great freind pushing me to new things and take it to the next level. Love you and miss you. She has a blog as well, Taking Notes, from coast to coast, if haven't checked it out, please do so. Its a lovely blog about daily life, her awesome photography, and of course her wonderful pups. 

Also wanted to give a big shout out to KotrynaBass and her wonderful template for making my blog look awesome, its just what I wanted and needed. Looking for a cool template or even a template for your own blog check out her Etsy KotrynaBassDesign. She also has a cool blog(Girl with a Movie Camera) about life, beauty and tons of fun stuff. Shes currently doing a giveaway ladies so check it out

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