Iron Maiden to the Rescue w/ Tutu Tutorial

March 19, 2014

Just had to share my lil ones costume I made for a super hero party from last weekend. She loves IronMan and so at her request she had to be IronMaiden. But I have to give myself a pat on the back it came out pretty awesome for 3 hours of work. I also included a tutu tutorial below

Did simple tube top with gold straps give her super hero effect. 

Matching gloves and a glitter-modge podge mask.

For the arc reactor if I had more time hubby would have done something that lighted up, so I just free-hand embroidered on my sewing machine

She was just loving it, especially since she owned the iron man repulsor ray toy, I also added silver shiny fabric on the gloves to give it that effect.

The only thing I wish I had time to do was make boot covers, but hey later right. This is her new favorite dress up outfit, especially the gloves.

At the Party. . . . .

 BattleTime. . . ..

***Tutu Tutorial***


1 " Elastic
75-100 feet of 6" tulle(use 75 ft of red and 25 ft of gold)-I didnt use it all
Non Scented Hair Spray(dollar store)
Thread and Sewing Machine


Night before take glitter tulle unravel and spray 3-4 light layers of hairspray. This will stop glitter from falling off(not completely but it helps). Let air dry.

Measure child's waist and minus two inches. Also measure the length from waist to knee(or length you want) tulle to be. Do a straight stitch at the ends leaving a 1/2" for ends. Fold down ends and do a zigzag stitch to so there's a flat surface on each side.

My method is laying down tulle to size I need(this is double the measure you took). And fold it back and fourth and cut the ends after I run out. This can be repeat with as many rolls as you need. That's how I ended up with neatly stack of tulle for tutu.

Next I took 3 piece of tulle and folded in half. If you want fluffier do more tulle. Gather and I do my slip knot with my thumb in the middle, just to get the right tightness.

No repeat, push close to the next piece and repeat till finished. For the gold I placed sparactically on skirt. 

I spray all my tutus with 2 light layers of static spray that way they dont crumble into a ball. It will stay nice an fluffy until you wash it, then repeat the process.

Voila, A easy peasy tutu skirt.

Some like bows in the back or to wrap with ribbon. But again I didn't have time and she wont care. Can even add pom poms or flowers for a cute embellishment as well

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