Belated Happy Valentines. . . .

February 15, 2014

Hello All, Belated Valentines Day. I know, I'm a day late. I found myself so busy, with NikkiJoesSweets, volunteering for stuff, getting ready for the holiday and my hubby's birthday is a few days after. Just didnt have time to write or anything. . . .just one crazy weekend for me. I'm always excited for the valentine's holiday. It's always been family holiday for us, since the birth of our lovely daughter four years ago. We all get dressed up or dressed down in our Vday pjs, stay home, and plan fun activities accordingly. This year I don't know what made us decide to venture out of this crazy holiday. The gymnastics gym my little one attends has a "Parents Night Out," twice a month and add a extra "PNO" for Vday this month. So my hubby and I thought we'd take a chance & go out.

WHAT A MISTAKE, its was just craziness. Waiting to get a table, sucked mainly because the hostess skipped us or forgot to write us down. Our waitress was awesome though. I enjoyed my margarita and playing with the new technology of reordering drinks and paying the bill without hunting your waiter down. you can do it right from the table. We went to a movie after and parking sucked. Overall quiet time without the tot, PRICELESS. But I think well be sticking to going out on our birthdays or anniversary than a crazy national holiday. Guess its good to have a reservation as well. We know our little one had a great time, she didn't want to go to bed. But due to her sleeping in, we got extra cuddle and "US' time in the morning which we enjoyed.

my favorite chocolate from TJ's(Trader Joes) goes well with my cup of Joe
Other than that, I always make it a big deal to make my hubby and the tot something homemade every year. This year for the tot was a Circle Skirt and for my hubby Homemade Peanut Butter. They both loved their gifts, now if i can just get around to everyone on this holidays it would be better. 


In general, great day, fun times and enjoyable moments(like hubby falling asleep{pic below}, my beautiful midget smiling all day). I hope everyone enjoyed their day with someone special, family, or great friends. That wonderful memories were made and that this holiday was not about what I got, who I got it from or my gift was better than yours. But who you got to share it with. Also my heart goes out to all those servicemen and women that could not be home to celebrate with their significant other, family or loved ones. I thank you for service.


Had to add this photo of my cutie in her vday outfit. She just loved it

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