My Baby Turning 4

February 5, 2014

*****My Birthday Girl*****

My baby(not a baby anymore), Leila turned 4 in January and I felt bad because I didn't blog about it or anything. We had barely begin to unpack when her birthday was near. I planned a cool party for her but had to put on the brakes once i found out we had to move. She had her bestie over for a Smurf themed sleepover and for toddlers it went pretty good. I even made cute aprons which I will add later.

It's fun to be a parent and watch your child grow. She is my first born and I love her to death even when she is a little much. As toddlers are at times, shes moms bestie as of now. Even when she makes me mad, she is my angel. Thought I would display her wonderful personality threw a few photos from over the years, to send my love and birthday kisses. 

Only 1 day old, just precious.

She was a chubby baby, I loved every minute of it. She was always full of smiles. Couldn't believe little me could have such a chub-chub baby.

Ms Cool, she always loved glasses.

Summer in Gymnastics, Her Hollywood Glasses

She's 4, the birthday day making faces to make mommy Laugh.

I will always Love and Miss these years. Years of saying no, saying I Love You(all the time), giving me kisses, singing in the back seat while in the car, singing just to be singing(as loud as can be), yelling "I did it" w/her small accomplishments and making me smile. Soon enough she'll be a tween and too cool for mom. I hope not thou. Big Birthday Wishes Leila, from Mommy and Daddy. We love you, grow slower.

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